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  1. cmautocare


  2. How do shops handle the use of cellular phones by their technicians during work hours?
  3. Unfortunately, all the review sites (Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Sure Critic, etc) allow clients to leave negative reviews. AND, the kicker, is it doesn't even have to be a real client or a real situation...if you have competition that wants to write negative reviews, there is REALLY NOTHING that can be done to delete them. There are processes, but rarely do they work.
  4. We also have been approached many times by Yelp to "purchase" their advertising packages. We have elected not to pay for their services because of the tremendous amount of responses (reviews and questions) that we get by being a free business associate. We used to have a negative attitude toward Yelp, that that was in the beginning. We have a lot of clients who have found us using Yelp, as well as fair amount of positive reviews that continue to "work" for us.
  5. What are you paying for the oil? Oil filter? Sounds like you are doing well but........
  6. And how are you offering $29.95 FULL (or 100%) synthetic oil changes for only $29.95. What is your margin or are you not worried about margin and just worried about getting the cars in and upsetting of this price? Offering $9.95 / $19.95 or $29.95 oil changes are nothing but a way to attract those chasing the cheapest oil changes, then if and when "specials" are over, they will move on to the next discounted service. We have found that all the mailers, GROUPONS and other mass ways to attract clients will not attract great clients. Do they build build car count yes, but is it the car count and the clients you want? How many of those GROUPON clients remain your clients? Or do they move on to the next cheap thing? We don't offer these discounted services, we offer quality services with integrity and a smile while not pressuring clients to purchase their repairs. There are multiple shops around our area doing the discounted services, but our bays remain full and our schedule is full for the next 2 weeks with appointments. As mentioned early but another subscriber: Cheap work isn't good , good work isn't cheap!!
  7. Very frustrated. Why should we have to call for support and have the information either faxed or emailed? Switched to Mitchell manager and ProDemand as a new shop owner, but the frustration level of both is very high. Our technicians can not find the information for service and repair as easily as AllData offers. It takes myself 3x's the amount of time to find information, which is killing production time. And when a technician is frustrated to obtain information, it doesn't make for a happy shop! There is NOT enough space to write MY frustrations with Mitchell manager. Beginning to think I have made a fairly expensive mistake.

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