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Hey all Auto shop owners,


Got a question and need all the input and advise I can get.


A little history, I am Alan and I am a proud owner of a small Automotive shop. We only have 3 bays and 1 tech. I have been the service advisor/manager of the previous company for the last 5 years.


About a year ago, the previous owner called it quits and closed the place down due to financial difficulties.


Long story short, I kept the same locations address, changed the business name due to logistic reasons and kept the best technician for the shop.


He is currently and has always been a flat rate techician, meaning that he is paid according to what he produces/completes.


I am coming into a possible problem where I am in need of more production. He was much more assertive in the beginning and now he is not producing as much as he use to. He used to take 20 minutes lunches and now he is taking 1 hour lunches everyday.


I have tried to motivate him by giving him raises, bonuses, and positive reinforcement as much as possible.


I am inclined to bring another tech in. Flat rate or hourly? My tech is pretty sensitive and if I were to bring another tech in flat rate, he may be offended and possibly complain about a lost of hours for him.


On the other hand, if I brought in a hourly, I don't want him to use him as a personal assistant and try to take extra hours for what the hourly guy completes.


I have been straight up with him and tried to motivate him and would not want to lose him as my lead tech.


Any opinions and suggestions would be appreciated.

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