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RO's and Invoices - The paper monster

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I was performing the fun filled task of filing last months invoices. What my shop does is print an additional copy of the paid invoice and staple it to the repair order along with the vehicle check list. I was thinking of how much work it was to keep all of these papers. I thought of how many times I actually had to go to this file cabinet and look for an old invoice. Why the hell am I going through all this work? Why do I need all these drawers of signed invoices?


What is your shops procedure? How long do you keep invoices?


I did some math and on average each car uses at least 6 pieces of paper. (RO, checklist, 3 invoices, Marketing letter, occasional reprint of RO)


We blow through over 1,000 pieces of paper a week. An astounding 10 cases a year.


What ever happened to "Get a computer, it will make your life easier?"

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