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    • Check Out Kukui?

      A friend of mind, also a shop owner, told me about a company called Kukui. A strange name, maybe, but it seems like they have a lot of nice marketing programs and tracking capabilities. I thought I might pass it on to everyone. It’s always good to see what’s available.   Here’s the link: http://www.kukui.com/  

      By Joe Marconi, in Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting

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    • Autoshop Solutions, SEO, AdWords... Shine some light on my web presence.

      Hey guys,   I recently opened my shop (2 months) I started with autoshop solutions, I got their customer website package and 300 of google adwords per month. The folks over aut AS told me before hand that it woudl take time for the SEO to mature and to start getting results from google etc. Well its been 3 months since the site has been up and I have yet to get ANYTHING from google or the internet in general. When I logged into my control panel and took a look at the keywords they set me up with they were completely unrelated ie. "transmission shop" when I specialize in European makes. Ive searched high and low and have other people search and when looking for bmw, mercedes, audi service Ive gotten as far back as the 9th page with nothing. Has anyone had a similar experience with AS? I have someone who has a proven record of SEO whom a fellow shop owner friend of mine uses and swears by that says he can get me on the 1-2 page in 60 days. Thoughts? I feel like I am throwing away 1100$ a month.

      By Eurozone_Motors, in Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting

      • 22 replies
    • Kukui

      So I went ahead and pulled the trigger on getting involved with Kukui. Since marketing is not my strong point (at all) it makes sense to let the experts handle it to me. I am impressed with how you can tailor your involvement in the campaign.   Does anyone who is currently with them (or not and just good with marketing) have any suggestions? I have the questionnaire call on Monday to get everything started up so I want to be as prepared as possible. My main goal in using them is for new customer acquisition. Customer Retention and reviews are an added bonus of the program. I have been blessed with a great service writer who makes our customers happy consistently. Usually once a customer comes in they are a customer for life.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

      By b1qwkbird, in Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting

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    • Intercom between office and shop solutions?

      We don't have direct access or a window between the shop and the office. One has to walk outside the front door to reach the bays. Does anyone use a shop intercom system they can recommend to speed up communications? I have searched all over amazon and google but can't seem to find a good commercial use product.   Thank you for any suggestions you might have. Scott

      By kbomb, in Auto Repair Shop Management Help? Post Here!

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    • Anyone here heard of Confident Financial Solutions (CFS)?

      These guys have been soliciting our shops, was wondering if anyone here is familiar with these guys:   https://mycfsapp.com/   http://www.drivingsales.com/blogs/automotivepr/2016/01/25/confident-financial-solutions-launches-resource-portal-to-help-boost-auto-service-centers-revenue-auto-repair-financing?__hstc=205315983.1e835c34ab7bf88e972fdd7a7debc857.1453766400060.1453766400061.1453766400062.1&__hssc=205315983.1.1453766400063&__hsfp=3972014050    

      By HarrytheCarGeek, in General Automotive Discussion

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