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Being a geek, I did my own for years, but gave it up when we saw the Kukui product. I had some initial withdrawal pains, but soon realized I wasn't even concerned about it any more. They are that good. I can still get in and manage my pages if I want to, but who has time? Strongly recommended.

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I've been usin kukui. Pretty happy I guess. Really pricey. The biggest thing I hate is the website design is very very cookie cutter. The copied our old design and posted it, however we thought this was just until they would come up with something new.


It's on us to provide photos, taken by a professional ( additional expense). It's on us to update it. It is on us to change the content. It's on us to come up with the wording on the site. It is on us to tell them what wording we want on our follow up/ lost customer.


We had to register new emails ( more $) then purchase the domain from go daddy ($$$).


The biggest downside is that if we quit kukui, we lose our web design. You don't own the pages, just the domain name.


Don't get me wrong, I do get a good amount of business from them, our SEO rankings are high, ( but my site isn't mobil optimized, they say that isn't important wtf) and they have a good looking stat page. However for $11k/ year, I'd expect a little more than cookie cutter.





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What I have learned is vanity is not what makes money. We all want nice looking websites and to be honest the website they create for you most likely will be a lot nicer than what 95% of the other shops have out there. The key thing though is that the website works in terms of high ranking SEO and boosting your exposure and online reputation. The name of the game is get more customers = make more money. They do that for you.

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The CRM portion is set to ask for any closed RO for a review. The reviews are sorted differently than other CRM programs. They are used exclusively for the website. Unlike DemandForce or Social CRM the reviews are 100% controllable. If you want only 5 star reviews to show on your website then that is what will show up. The downside is that it is not on a separate review site which does not necessarily aid SEO. Where it does help is many customers have complimented our great reviews on our website and have said that was a major contributing factor into walking through our door.

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At the Virginia Automotive Association convention last weekend, Todd Westerlund, the owner of Kukui was kind enough to take us out to a great restaurant in Williamsburg. I can't tell you how impressed I was with this guy. Former wrench turner, studied marketing, went to work for Demandforce and then set out on his own. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable about Internet presence and SEO, but he was blowing my mind when he started talking about attracting searchers to our website and converting them to appointments. Gave me a great deal of confidence in our business relationship.

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      Most shop owners would agree that the independent auto repair industry has been too cheap for too long regarding its pricing and labor rates. However, can we keep raising our labor rates and prices until we achieve the profit we desire and need? Is it that simple?
      The first step in achieving your required gross and net profit is understanding your numbers and establishing the correct labor and part margins. The next step is to find your business's inefficiencies that impact high production levels.
      Here are a few things to consider. First, do you have the workflow processes in place that is conducive to high production? What about your shop layout? Do you have all the right tools and equipment? Do you have a continuous training program in place? Are technicians waiting to use a particular scanner or waiting to access information from the shop's workstation computer?
      And lastly, are all the estimates written correctly? Is the labor correct for each job? Are you allowing extra time for rust, older vehicles, labor jobs with no parts included, and the fact that many published labor times are wrong? Let's not forget that perhaps the most significant labor loss is not charging enough labor time for testing, electrical work, and other complicated repairs.  
      Once you have determined the correct labor rate and pricing, review your entire operation. Then, tighten up on all those labor leaks and inefficiencies. Improving production and paying close attention to the labor on each job will add much-needed dollars to your bottom line.
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