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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

New Resident Marekting & Moving Targets

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I have had mixed results from any new resident program I used in the past. Years back when the economy was booming and my area (Putnam County New York), was one on the fasting growing areas in the northeast, I was fairly successful with a new resident program. The last time I tried a few years back, it was a bust. But, the housing market in my area tanked.


What are other shops doing to attract new residents? This appears to be a potential source of new customers.


I don't want to sound like I am endorsing anyone, but I have heard Jay Siff from Moving Targets give presentations on new resident marketing, and he sounds like he really knows his stuff.


Has anyone used a new resident program lately, and what is your opinion on the results?


Moving Targets link:



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What have you done in the past that has worked. I have been thinking of putting a welcome to the area oil change in with the welcome packet at my local Chamber.


You know, it is hit or miss. I have done a lot and tried a lot. What I have learned is that it is never one thing, but a combination of many things. I also learned that different forms of marketing and advertising works differently in different parts of the country. What I can tell you is that the only form of marketing that has worked the best and the most consistent is at the Front Service Counter and on the phone. Delivering world-class customer service.


If you deliver that world class service and get the customer to truly think of you as a friend or family member, they will trust you and not question your price or recommendation. This will also keep them coming back. Think about, if your best friend, brother or sister came to you today and you told them they needed front brakes, would they question you?


Well, get customers to feel like they are family or best friends.


I hope this answers your question.

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