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Thinking about not giving anymore phone quotes. Thoughts?

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I am contemplating on not giving out anymore phone quotes. My reason behind it is that most callers that ask for phone quotes are phone shoppers and bargain hunters. I am a specialist and they call around asking general repair shops their price on a certain job most of the time. I am usually not the cheapest around. I have tried everything in conveying that I am not the cheapest and that our shop provides a different level of service etc etc. Try to sell them on value. Most of the time it doesn't work. Of course a lot of these customers are not the type of customers that we want anyway however its frustrating try to sell them on something and then at the end of it all for them to huff and puff and ask for a price. Once they get the price and propositioned for an appt, they say "oh I am just shopping around" or the shy ones say, "oh I'll call you back." Usually these are calls spanning a few minutes that are incredibly frustrating and span over a few minutes.


Almost all of these phone shoppers ask immediately for a quote. To reduce wasted time I was thinking of just say, "I apologize we do not give over the phone quote. It is our policy to have vehicles properly diagnosed by our technicians before we present our customers with estimate." Or if they blatantly say they are shopping around for a price I'd like to add, "We do not give phone quotes because we feel a price doesn't properly convey the level of service and expertise we provide."


I am sure this will piss off some of the bottom feeders but I am worried it will turn off some borderline customers.



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