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  1. Good Morning Joe:) We have been offering rustproofing, with much success, for the past 8yrs www.CorrosionFree.com. The drip free gel will penetrate through the rusted surface to protect the metal underneath, and we do many vehicles from brand new. Does a great job on saving our client's vehicles!! Have a fun day!
  2. Ask questions, steer them away from price. Find out what their concern is and try to solve it for them, it's not always a price concern. Most people just don't know what to ask, so they ask " how much". It's our job to educate:) Have a Fun Day!
  3. I absolutely agree with you Joe:) We need to work together, both the OEMs & Independents, to better serve our industry! However, your original post asked about the "Right to Repair Act". The R2R Legislation is not going to help repairers. It is not going to solve our problems, it is not going to give us more information or tooling, and there is a good chance, if R2R Legislation passed, it would make our access more complicated for many years to come..... We, as an industry, need to work together to solve the problem of How can a shop of that size afford all the training, tools, scan tools and equipment to really compete? This is not only an Independents problem, Dealers are also going to be faced with this problem as they are beginning to market offering services of all makes/models.... The answer may be to network with other shop owners in the area, we have begun to do that here. This may be the avenue the dealers will take... Investment in training, tools, equipment is where we need to start. Networking and working collectively to solve this challenge, lets put our monies and energy toward that goal! This industry has survived may changes - we can figure this out:) Have a Fun Day!
  4. Welcome to LARSON'S Quality Automotive Service:) Have a Fun Day!

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