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Tons Of Wisdom On This Site.

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My name is Jack and I am opening my first small business at age 32, next month. I have almost 15 years as a tech, I am master a.s.e. certified with L1. The new shop is a six bay facility is the heart of Savannah, GA. Grand opening is August 1st.

I have been scouring this site for a few days and I would like to thank you for all of the wisdom I have already gleaned from you all and I look forward to being a part of this community.

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      Haven't been on the site for a while. I couldn't find the search button to see if there is a forum now for my question. So sorry if it is duplicating.
      We have had a website for years, being this is our 3rd one. It is a HTML and everymonth we have to have our photos and newsletter added for us. I understand if we do a website in Word Press, we can add our own information by our selves. We like our own now, but we need to make another. Any suggestions will be appreciated. www.dufresnesautorepair.com
    • By Joe Marconi
      Crash Repair Info is a web site that consumers can go to find information on the complexities of collision repairs. The site can educate consumers on a variety of topics, which builds value, in areas of insurance, salvage parts, shop certification and more. Basically, it’s a site to better inform the consumer should they get into an accident.
      I don’t know if you checked out this site yet, but you should and give feedback.
      Is the site useful? Can he used to help market our shops? Will this site build value in the eyes of the consumer?
      Here’s the site link:
    • By mspecperformance
      After some strong consideration and thought I signed up with Kukui 2 weeks ago.
      I know there has been some discussion about Kukui. I was told it takes them about 3-4 weeks to fully set up a website and then to introduce the shop owner to the "dashboard" or control panel. I guess I can count myself as one of the lucky ones as I have my site up already.
      check out the site, I haven't filled out a lot of the more specific info such as the About Us page however this is a good starting point. Also I am not too fond of the pictures I had sent in for them to use but I didn't have too much prepared so those will be up for a little while until I can get some of my photographer friends in to snap some pictures.
      Let me know what you guys think.
    • By Joe Marconi
      Is Your Web Site Mobile Ready?
      Keeping up with technology is nothing new to anyone in the auto repair business. As a rule, I would say most of us stay pretty current with new technological advances to the automobile. But, are you keeping up with current trends and advances when it comes to marketing your business? I know you have a web site, but how compatible is it on your smart phone?
      Let’s take a look at a few facts. Over 90% of smart phone users have searched for local business information. Over 60% of smart phone users call a business after searching on their phone and out of that, 59% have visited that location. The most intriguing stat? Nearly 50% of all internet searches are done on a mobile devise (either on a smart phone or tablet). And that number is expected to continue to grow.
      A web site’s format on a home computer or laptop is not the best format for a mobile devise. Your web site must be formatted for a smart phone and other mobile devises for a number of reasons. According to Google, four out of ten internet searches are performed by using a mobile device. That means you may be losing a lot of leads if your website is not mobile friendly. Web sites that are not mobile ready will be downgraded, according to Google. This means, your business will appear further down the page.
      Mobile sites should mirror your main web site in logo, graphics and design, but the home page is just not packed with all the information that’s available on your main site. So keep things real simple on your mobile site. Mobile sites need to launch quickly. People who are searching on their phones want to access sites quick and easily find the information they are looking for. There only needs to be a few icons giving the potential customer a few options such as: Services offer, click to call button, appointment button, hours of operation and directions.
      If your web site is not mobile ready, speak to your web site designer and learn more about marketing potential from a mobile friendly site.
    • By Alex
      AutoShopOwner.com will be offline periodically on Friday 2/17, for scheduled server maintenance. We do not anticipate any issues past Friday and will work to get ASO back online as soon as posible.
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