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    • The raising of labor rates the past few years has increased revenue for many shops.  What about car counts, steady? increase? decreased?  And parts are an issue for many around the country too. 
    • We have been buy all this year.  We have such a small parking lot, we have to plan our days very carefully.  Sales are up, but some due to raised labor rates.  Curious if every body is experiencing his.  We are having problems with parts mainly  
    • replying to both of the above.  We normally only have a couple of really hot days, so  no problem.  This year we are having a lot of hot days.  When the weather was over 100, we had all employees come in at 6 and go home at 3pm.   We usually have 3 of us come in and 6 and the others come in at 8.  I am thinking of adding it as soon as possible, probably for next year.  Thanks for all the input  
    • When I started my shop in 1980, cars broke down a lot! Every day we had no shortage of work. We did no advertising. No need to.  Those were the days, right?  Well they are long gone!  Today, auto repair shops must get customers to return by promoting preventive maintenance services. Maintenance is profitable, and best of all, it is a BIG benefit to the customer.  It also gives you more control over scheduling.  When you are in more control over your schedule, you become more productive, which increases sales and profits.       
    • Another outstanding podcast! The podcasts on Remarkable Results Radio is like a full-blown Business Course! 
    • I am from New York where flat rate is not the norm.  However, when I speak to other shop owners around the country, many love flat rate. We are seeing a shift in the shop owner pay their techs.  So what is your preferred method of paying your technicians? 
    • In our quest to attract and retain technicians, most auto repair shops have increased their benefits package.  Examples are flex time, paid holidays, sick days, personal days, no overtime, and more.  However, doesn't this affect overall technician production. Afterall, nothing gets billed until the tech works and completes a job. The more time away, the less time available. I am pushing a few button for a reason. Shop owners and managers must look ahead now to the following week and look at Available Labor Inventory.  If a shop books too much work, and does not have the techs, what happens to the work?  Your thoughts?   
    • As a business coach with Elite Worldwide, and a former shop owner for 41 years, I am in touch with many shop owners across the country. Many shops are beginning to complain that business is slowly up a bit. But, when they are challenged, asking about car counts, it becomes clear that something else may be happening.  For the most part, car counts are the same, maybe slipped a little for some shops. But, perhaps the biggest stat is the drop in ARO and sales.  So, what is happening?  Consumers are afraid to spend money?  Service advisors have become complacent? Is there another factor at play? Or are we in normal just back to the way it has always been? 

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