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Next President?

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I doubt if there will ever be the perfect candidate no matter what your beliefs are. I agree with a lot of what Dennis R, has to say. The free market needs to be invigorated to create job growth. Right now we are all sitting back waiting to see what is going to hit us next, more regulations, more taxes, another downturn, etc... We need to see less regulation, less taxes, more confidence, more control on spending from the government.


The people involved in any part of the public sector need to be reminded that they are supported 100% by the taxpayers money and/or elected/appointed by the people of this country to represent us, serve us, and be stewards of our tax money. However a higher and higher portion of the people are not paying taxes, and/or are being paid by taxes. If this continues they will have the majority of the vote and control and continue to take more from the private sector to support the rest that doesn't contribute to the system (themselves).


The best thing we can do is pick the candidates that have the best chance to beat those that do not agree with most of our beliefs. It doesn't make sense to only vote for the candidate that thinks exactly like we want them to, if they do not have a chance to beat the person we want replaced. We first have to pick from the candidates that can win the general election and then if there is more than one of those, choose the one that is closest to our beliefs. For example Ron Paul may be the guy who you think would be the best candidate according to your beliefs, but it is very unlikely that he could win the general election, so you should get behind someone else who can win.


Those who support a 3rd party candidate are usually trying to make a point, but a lot of times the support of that 3rd party candidate may cost the election of someone who would have been closer to your beliefs, and get someone a lot further from your beliefs elected.


We all have to get out and vote, just because our dream candidate is not running or didn't make it through the primary doesn't mean we should not vote, vote for the best man still standing that can move things even a little bit more in the directions of your beliefs.

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I'm not crazy about any of the republican candidates. I thought Perry would give Romney a run, but seems he dropping in the polls, and Herman Cain is becoming popular. Newt is also on the rise......There just isn't any real front runner at this point. There's plenty of time though, but I think it will be a Romney/Christie ticket....vs. Obama/Clinton (Biden will be ousted!)

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Overall feeling is not good as far as direction. I believe it doesnt matter what side your on or have to choose from...it's the lesser of two evils. Regardless, I think it should be romney or cain. Both know hot to run a business and I think this country needs to be run as a business to get back on track.

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I somewhat disagree on the philosophy that the government needs to be run like a business. The government needs to be run efficiently, but how much of the "pie" would a business oriented government leave for the people? I guess what I am trying to get to without winding myself is we simply just need more steady middle class jobs in the country. Remember in our line of work, $60-$90 an hour for services is an entire days pay for a lot of people, in particular my customer base. I personally know a lot of businessmen, some in my distant family, who have not had to take any sacrifices but have cut employees and pay to maintain or increase their standard of living. If my customer base had a influx in real money (not inflation pay), it would make it possible for me to sell more maintenance and minor repair work that gets put off due to cash.


Alex, I think Christie has said he would not run. Plus at a national level, Christie will turn off a lot of voters due to his position on conceal carry. Even if people do not conceal or would not even want to conceal, a political influence group like the NRA would ruin Christie in the media in my opinion. Romney seems to be pretty moderate, along with Cain, and I think people are fed up with the strong right vs the strong left (John Bohner (SOF) vs Obama) that Romney is going to get the nod for the republican candidate.

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