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The Customer is NOT Always Right

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The Customer is NOT Always Right

“Learn to listen first and not react without the facts”


The other day I walked into my service area, only to cringe at the way one of my service advisors was talking to a customer. I waited until the customer left and took the advisor aside and said, “We don't talk to people like that, I am really disappointed”. He replied, “Yes, you are right, I lost my cool, it won't happen again.


As I was walking away my manager called me and said, “Joe, you got a second?” I said, “Sure”. He told me that I walked in on the tail end of a very difficult situation. The customer had an extended warranty and wanted to falsify the repair in order to cover the deductible. My service advisor stood by our policy of integrity, honesty and ethics. But when the customer insisted and insisted, the service advisor finally reacted. That’s when I walked into the picture.


The lesson I learned? Don’t react from your perception, ask questions and listen to what happened. Don’t judge without first learning all the facts.


Next time, I will keep my mouth shut until I learn the facts.

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Good point Joe, and I'll add... it's not only in the shop.. but at home. The same thing can happen there, and if it happens at home... sometimes "I'm Sorry" won't cut it. Usually means a night on the coach, dinner out the next night, and a whole lot of "yes, dear, yes, dear" Too bad I can't offer a dinner or a coach for ya... mines taken. LOL Gonzo

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