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I use to be a proud gun owner. I went on vacation for two months to a country with very little to no crime. I was asked well over a dozen times by the locals why does the USA have a high crime and murder rate. I didn't have an answer for them. I did some research and my home town of 220,000 people had as much crime as their country of 2 million people.


After returning home I have realized we are just crazy. I went to the gun range 3 weeks ago with my cousin. I just couldn't help but noticed all the beady eyed individuals salivating over firearms. I will continue owning a gun, and keeping it my home. At this point is the necessary evil. But I can't wrap my mind around what possess people to be gun wielding cowboys with a odd fetish over owning something that is so deadly.


While I was on vacation I walked home 4-5 times a week from 11am-4am. Never once did I feel for my or my wife's safety. We were walking sometimes almost two miles from my cousins bar to my rental house. It was great and liberating. While I was gone all I heard on the USA news was about church burnings, a theatre shooting, murder in my own city, sexual assault in my town, gay marriage, and donald trump. When i thought about these issues from 5,000 miles away, I was just thinking what has this place become?


I know I am ranting off topic. I just don't get with all the problems in this country, why people think being a cowboy is a solution?

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As a Canadian firearm owner (long barrel hunting guns only), I have to agree with Mario.

In Canada, there are far less guns, and much less gun violence.

From our perspective up here, it seems like there is too much "gun availability" in the US.


Too many people with mental illness or crazy thoughts like delusions of grandeur have extremely easy access to guns. Have stricter requirements for who can own guns.

Too many people with not just a couple guns, but an entire armada in their house, guns and ammo that they've been acquiring for years. Do they even get used, ever?

To top it off, too many people keeping loaded guns where their kids play.

Nothing is more heartbreaking to hear of a child who finds a loaded weapon, and kills themselves or one of their siblings or friends. This kind of thing should NEVER happen.


I'm NOT saying don't own guns, I'm saying keep them locked up, keep the ones you actually use on a regular basis, just reduce the availability for bad things to happen, and they won't happen.

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Interesting replies.


I'm not sure where I stand on the issue. I've worked across Europe for a number of years (Sweden, Spain, Hungary), and certainly felt unsafe at times. There are nice areas and rough places everywhere. I used to carry a pipe with me when I walked home from work in Budapest, just as a precaution.


With that said, guns are not going anywhere in the States. Criminals have a lot of them. Our service adviser carries a 9mm daily (concealed), and I thank God for it.

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The U.S. is third in murders throughout the world. If you discount Chicago, Detroit, Washington, and New Orleans, the U.S. drops to fourth from the bottom on the same list. Coincidentally, these four cities also have the toughest gun laws in the U.S.




... And have democratic leaders

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I was in Montenegro a while back and a guy asked me "een Amereeka eef you have no insurance they let you die een the streets?" He was bewildered by the lack of compassion we have for each other here regarding health care. It explains why we kill each other every day. The # of guns in this country isn't the problem, its the lack of love for one another.

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