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Signed Lease on New Location

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We signed a lease this week on a new location. Its 3000 sqft with a parking lot on the corner with great road traffic. We should be moved into this building in the next few weeks once everything is set up for the city occupancy permit. We are very excited. The only problem we are having is getting enough financing to be able to afford this move without completely wiping us dry. I am only renting the back half of the building for now since I don't need much more room than that but will still have complete access to the whole building as long as there isn't anyone in the front half which doesn't seem likely since this building has been empty for a long time. The economy has made this one more affordable to rent and its the only building in our area that will work without much modification.

post-341-046709300 1285537318_thumb.jpg

post-341-088068100 1285537340_thumb.jpg

post-341-041087100 1285537364_thumb.jpg

post-341-042672600 1285537377_thumb.jpg

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