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Andy Price

Hello from Indiana

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Hello everyone. I signed up several weeks back and have been reading all the advice in the forums and have learned a lot. I have a small 3 bay shop that I run and wrench along with 1 other tech. You all seem t like a good group of people I'm sure I will have many questions as I move forward in making my business sucessful.

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      hi all, im tony Ive been running a small successful shop for a few years now. i have two other mechanics working here. i just did a google search earlier for info about continuing education classes and i ran into this site. i must say its really nice and i have ended up reading a lot and i just had to join
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      My husband has had his hands on cars for a good twenty years. Several years ago it started to become more than just a hobby and he was quickly outgrowing our home garage.
      We're now in our third year in our 5 bay shop. He's the primary technician and we have one other technician as well. I myself run the office. I have an accounting and payroll background but can use some help in the automotive industry side of things. Looking forward to learning some things and hopefully I can offer some help as well.
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      Hello Would anyone have a suggestion for an insurance company in Indiana for a shop insurance qoute?
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