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My main service truck is a 2007 F-550 with the 6.0 diesel in it. It has a Jasper rebuild engine and tranny in it not sure of the mileage as when they were put in due to the fact I got it from one of our other stores, and they can't produce the mileage.


So yesterday it started losing power. We don't work on Diesels here so I brought it to a very well known shop. Come to find out it needs all 8 injectors replaced at a cost of $4300.00. So here is my dilemma do I drop $4300.00 on it or do I go for a new one? Now keep in mind this is a boom truck for doing farm and loader tires and the cost is very well into 6 figures.


So I would like to know your thoughts spend $4300.00 on a truck that has 243,000 miles on it and in my opinion a rebuilt engine and tranny from a company with a very bad reputation. Or spend over 6 figures on a new one.

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