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Dodged a bullet but what if?

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Last Wednesday a long time customer brings in a little 90 Jeep wrangler. Says it squeals about 10 seconds when you first fire it cold. No big deal right. We inspect it but it never squeals. Move it to the yard at quitting time no squeal. First thing next morning no squeal. The belt was old and dry so we change it and check bearings on everything.

Call him up and now he says it was more of a metal to metal noise. 2 days of short trips and we still have no noise. I call the customer and have him come down. Maybe I am not hearing what you are. He can't get a noise. Jeep leaves on Friday.

Yesterday it come back on a tow truck. Rod straight thru the oil pan and he's upset with me. I explain we cannot diag a noise that he, or I cannot duplicate. After a quote to replace the motor he decide I should just buy it from him but thats not going to happen. I told him I would help him sell it but It was not my responsibility.

Now My wife, my self, and my tech all drove this thing trying to find this noise. I keep wondering if that rod let go when one of us was behind the wheel, How would we handle it? 25 years old but only 97k miles.

Has anyone had a similar situation?




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