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  1. Waynes Garage

    Service Advisor Performance

    Let me know what you get . I'm looking for the same info. Thanks
  2. Waynes Garage

    service writer/manager responsibilities

    Thanks for the info great suggestion.
  3. Business has been very slow here in Philadelphia, i need to get my office person to start doing what i had him doing when he first started but can not find any of my sop's for him. been with me 5 years and have gotten to friendly. the last advisor stuff i found is from Elite 2003. any help would be greatly appreciated. Wayne
  4. Waynes Garage

    Shop supplied uniforms

    agree best way to do it.
  5. Waynes Garage

    Were do u find a techs

    How do u advertize for a A tech. Where do u look for one. Have been looking for months. Any help would be greatly appricated. Wayne
  6. Waynes Garage

    Would You Ever Fire a Customer?

    Bin there done that. just the other day had a customer (i Think) was coming to me for years and never spent a dime, but always had new stuff on his car when he would come in to ask to bend the fender out so he could open the door all the way. This last time I bent the door so it worked and told him never to come back, we had inspected his car 6 month early on and found a ton of stuff wrong. this time every thing was fixed, new inspection stickers,tune up,4 new tires, even wiper blades. Just had enough.
  7. Waynes Garage

    May 5th Seminar, Big Turn Out!

    First Bob Cooper seminar i have gone too. Very informative and enjoyable. Look forward for many more. Also good seeing you again Joe