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service writer/manager responsibilities

Waynes Garage


Business has been very slow here in Philadelphia, i need to get my office person to start doing what i had him doing when he first started but can not find any of my sop's for him. been with me 5 years and have gotten to friendly.
the last advisor stuff i found is from Elite 2003. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Wayne I give my advisors a daily production sheet that they must turn in daily. It includes things like:


1. Follow up phone calls to past FTA's (3 Daily - must make contact)

2. Calling appointment reminders (3 Daily - Must make contact)

3. Calling last weeks customers to say thank you (3 Daily must make contact)

4. Calling customers who have Previous recommendations (3 daily must make contact)


what I mean by must make contact is if they call someone and just left a message it does not count, they must actually make contact with the person for it to count.

I hope this helps, this is just a few things that I include in there daily production sheet.

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