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mercedes diesel help needed

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I've got a 99 e300td I bought at auction, 160k miles, looks like a new car. It starts up easily at -30* and will run right up to redline easily. Here's the issue; at part throttle cruising about 50mph with cruise control on it will hesitate a bit and plume blue smoke out the tailpipe. Driving it with a heavy foot it never smokes. The hesitation is barely noticeable, but the smoke is. I changed the oil and filter with no improvement. Any help is appreciated.

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I honestly don't know what injection system it uses. I'll look more into it, but seems like their mechanical injection. That being said I'd be considering a alda or Ada adjustment issue. It's also possible that someone adjusted fueling and may require a bit of tuning. Another issue could be valve timing or injection timing - but I'd start with low boost fuel controls first.


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Solved this mystery by accident - my wife put 10 gallons of 93 octane in it. She made it to our driveway (about 8 miles) before it stalled out. I drained the tank, changed the fuel filter, and it hasn't smoked since. I'm assuming the gasoline cleaned up a sticky injector. I waited 5000 miles to post this due to uncertainties of the damage that could happen putting gas in a diesel but it appears to only benefited the car. I don't recommend it, due to the whole shutting off and not restarting until you do a few hours of work thing. Lol.

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