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  1. Fit


  2. Our insurance is about to renew but now they wont cover installation of lift kits over 6"..... Does anyone know of an insurance company that will insure installation of lifts over 6"?
  3. yea true... I hadnt really thought of that. Do you do that even for Mud Terrain tires? like a 35/12.50/20 Toyo M/T? 85% of our tires we sell are M/T
  4. Has anyone had experience with Sonsio or Safe-guard? We are looking to offer road hazard but I want some opinions on which company to use.
  5. Basic stuff really... Making customers concerns a priority, addressing them, following up, etc. We are a small business and I run both of our locations, but Im not able to be at the front desk of both locations, so our techs cover the front as well. They are awesome, just need some training on customer interactions.
  6. Hey guys... Do you have any ideas on a program or something I can use to train my employees in customer service. I feel like some formal training or a class would be appropriate for them.
  7. I need advice! We only have 3 employees and they treat the ground like a huge dumpster can. I have reminded them to clean up so many times and they will clean up once I tell them to, but they wont do it unless its gotten to the point that I HAVE to tell them to. Should there be some sort of discipline? What do you guys do?
  8. Any suggestions for the best Security camera system? One of our shops has a Samsung system and its horrible.. bad picture quality and horrible mobile capabilities
  9. We have a lot of work that needs to be done but our employees just take their time on jobs and realllllly stretch it out instead of working faster and getting the job done so they can move onto the next one. They are payed hourly and I think that is part of the problem. We do custom work and our jobs are usually pretty random so I cant pay them by the job. Any suggestions?
  10. Yes, we do have a handbook and I've gotten all of them to sign off on it. The problem is my husband let this lax behavior go on since the beginning (he hates confrontation) so when I started working with him 2 years ago, I put the handbook in place, along with many other things, to try and create structure. Well, it's been 2 years and I'm still fighting with the same employee. Another issue we are having is that the same employee wants more money. We pay him salary plus commission. He has a warped perception of what it takes to run and keep a business alive. He thinks the money we make just ge
  11. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. My husband let the problem employee get away with too much from the beginning. since he has been with us the longest, new employees look to him to be the example and it really sets the wrong stage for them. I'm trying to convince my husband that the employee is toxic for our business but he won't let him go.
  12. We have employees that just continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. My husband is too nice and has not given them any consequences. So naturally, how will they ever learn? I've tried to put processes in order and to create some sort of accountability. But nothing seems to work. What would you do?

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