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  1. oktire


  2. we do a lot of sensors I started with alligator brand with the learning pad. I never had any problems just pain to run to the computer for every sensor. I now have the smart sensor pro . very easy to use and free updates. also can be used as a relearn tool. I have learned that alligator now has a hand held programmer. They get you buy having to use their sensors but I like the smart sensor pro sensors better.
  3. I just priced out the Hoffman 680 with a Hoffman 14k open front hoist 36k well equipped. looking to add alignments to the shop. not to hijack the post but what do you all see your average RO of an alignment. thanks in advance.
  4. I think some of the deal is the parts stores don't have a big enough margin between wholesale and end user. When we as a shop give an estimate for say pads and rotors over the phone the call the customer calls the parts store and sees they can save some money.
  5. Here is ours www.oktireandbait.com still updating. but let me know what you think.
  6. I took some selling skills classes a few years ago. The class instructor introduced himself at the end of the class he gave us all a chance to sell him a set of tires and ask for the sale. No one in the class got the sale as we all asked Dave for the sale and he had introduced his self as David. which has always stuck with me and to pay attention to the name.
  7. I'm the opposite of most shops on here. I'm a tire shop that does auto repair. The only thing that I will say is get a changer and balancer that will clamp on the outside of a 20" rim minimum. You will need it. Also you can make money on tires don't sell your self short. IF you have a Meyers tire supply that services your area the sell their house brand it built by corghi 9824 but has a 10year transmission warranty. worth the money.
  8. The company I got the white rags from is north American textiles inc. here is their #18887726828 they are great. my sales mans name is Rick
  9. I just got some rags from this textile company (I will get the name and website) they were $58 for 1700 in a case I love them i have a bag of the crappy red rages and have not used one since.
  10. The other part you are missing is the smart weight feature. I keep track of the weight use on both the hunter and coats machine we have the road force does save you money in wheel weights. I love mine and don't we don't give the customer options they get road forced if I have to take the time to do it again its a loss of revenue. just my two cents. we don't have a problem with spending that kind of of money on a toolbox or scanner why not a balancer?
  11. We use auto value house blades for an economy blade and bosch as our premium.
  12. I just fired a tech for being late. I had reminded him of what time we start he gave me a bs reason he was late. well the next week it wasn't 10min it was 30 the next day he didn't show at all so I sent a friend to go make sure he was ok and to have him call in to the shop. no luck. he would have known that it was his last day he might have showed up. so I had to go under oath for unemployment I contested it and one he admitted to being late and new what time he was supposed to be in. I told the guy off the record that I believe that when your the boss you should have control over your tech's
  13. Thanks for the welcome guys. hope all is going well for you. So Gonzo the world was once flat. Its been a long week this winter is way to long. sick of plowing snow and to top it all off the water drain froze at the shop today. o well could be worse.
  14. we went to an eccolodgic oil furnace it has been flawless so far on the 3rd season. very simple to clean(once a year in the fall before startup) I've heard lots of bad about clean bur.

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