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  2. My current software expires in April and I'm shopping a new management software. I am looking at ROwriter, I liked their ecat, eliminating inputting work order numbers seems nice. I've read some negative things as well... I am strongly considering gem car, newer software that has a lot of features I am looking for. Considering Mitchell1, as well, still waiting for a demo. Auto vitals is $750 a month? What the heck, for that much I will go to Eastern Europe and hire my own programmers Hoping to get some input and advice, a lot of these take some time to
  3. So one of our technicians has been slacking off... he was never a hard worker, but we thought we'd give him a chance. He began to habitually come in late, we don't have in a "clock in" system nor a handbook, nor any kind of written procedures. (Something that needs to be worked on) Well, on Monday morning he comes in 20 minutes late, I tell him that he is yet again 20 minutes late and whether he takes his work seriously because I can find someone that will. He comes back with a big attitude about how he bumped his head, and he did it here and now his head hurts. So I had a choice "
  4. I've had a few customers try to drive away... I've stopped them, a few I believed they have forgotten, a few I am pretty sure they were making a run for it! With getaways, you have to be careful both ways, we had a service writer release a car and forget to collect payment for a head job on a GTI ($2000+ worth of work) I called the customer and told him he forget to pay, he said sorry and gave the card info over the phone... lucky! I had a lady with a mercedes come in screaming the other day asking what we did to her car... (we changed the oil 4 months ago) She said
  5. Maybe it's the virtue of the fact that the people that needed it, didn't qualify. I had GE Capital, and had about 15 declines, and then stopped bothering... had the program for 6 months too, and kept paying the monthly fee. I was considering the check guarantee program, although the rates were a little bit high, and most also wanted to become the credit card processor, on top of leasing their $1500-$3000 check machine. So it didn't happen, although I even have good customers asking if we finance so they can just do all the work right now, so I am still on the lookout for good soluti
  6. CustomerLink doesn't have the text message option. DemandForce does, I had it setup that I sent a preliminary text to acquire approval. I wouldn't ask for permission, sometimes I'd forget...I had one guy in particular throw a 3 minute tantrum on the phone about privacy and then ask me which service that is since he's a lawyer and his company could use something like that...great guy. Otherwise, the lack of contract was really easy to switch. If you're ever with DemandForce, prepare to get a call from a professional bully at the end that will try dissuade you by any means necessary to
  7. There has been discussion about renovating our current site for the past 15 years! I hope that 2014 is when it comes to fruition. My biggest goal would be workflow. So this is something I am always talking and thinking about.. I know of a shop with the exact setup you're talking about, although I haven't spoken to him about workflow...it seems to be working. Do you have a lot of separate parking? I could see it being an issue if you don't since the midas setup may have less of a foot print, but I assume you'd put the "Next cars" in the middle section, or constantly keep it clear? I
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here does follow ups if so what is your success with them? What do you talk about, how long do you wait to follow up, are you mentioning recommended service? Also do you call to confirm appointments or just if they are not showing up? Thanks
  9. Hi Joe, I have been with DemandForce, MechanicNet, and now CustomerLink. I also considered the new Alldata offering. All are fairly similar, what I liked about CustomerLink is the fact that they only deal with Auto Repair. MechanicNet...when I needed things changed, it was impossible to get anything done. Everything was very quick to sign me up, but afterwards it was lagging. DemandForce was working fairly well, although CustomerLink was a little cheaper, and I really liked what they did with the mailers. I am not sure if our customers were ready with text messages, but I had a huge fallo
  10. Hello everyone, I am 28 years old. I have been around the industry since I can remember. I watched my dad run the business for the past 25 years. He is turning 65 and wants to retire. There is a lot that needs to be changed in this business. I am a little bit overwhelmed where to start...many of my suggestions have fallen on deaf ears since he would always say "you can do it." Well that opportunity is coming... I will be around here a lot, and also tapping on as many sources as I can as I transition... A few questions and concerns: Our Master Technician He ran the place for th
  11. So I will give a very quick background. We have been in business for roughly 25 years. Over the past several years business has been slowing down, and I am trying to figure out why. The current location we are in, is on a fairly busy street in the area, next to a gas station. It is all mostly open air, with tarps over the lifts, concrete needs to be re-done. Office way in the back, with two seats next to the smog machine as a quasi-"waiting room/area." We specialize in Volvo, BMW, Audi, Mercedes but will also work on Japanese imports. I believe we are an eye sore as for as pure aes
  12. We usually have three "levels" of diagnostic charges, .6 hours, 1.3 hours, 2 hours. The first level includes alternator testing, starter, battery, overheating checks, fairly simple stuff. 80% falls into "level 2" which is check engine light, car is cranking but not turning over, intermittent issues. The charge for diagnosing can increase based on if additional work is needed. ie. tracing possible shorts in wiring harness, etc Level 3 is ABS and Airbags, this is to start, and does not necessarily mean there won't be additional charges... remove seat, dashboard, steering column, etc

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