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Tell Technician to Stop Coming in Late he says now he's Injured...

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So one of our technicians has been slacking off... he was never a hard worker, but we thought we'd give him a chance.


He began to habitually come in late, we don't have in a "clock in" system nor a handbook, nor any kind of written procedures. (Something that needs to be worked on)


Well, on Monday morning he comes in 20 minutes late, I tell him that he is yet again 20 minutes late and whether he takes his work seriously because I can find someone that will.


He comes back with a big attitude about how he bumped his head, and he did it here and now his head hurts. So I had a choice "he can forget that he bumped his head" or "go to the doctor."


I sent him to the doctor, this morning he comes in 7 minutes late, goes to the bathroom for 10 minutes. I tell him he's ready for work 17 minutes late. He walks away, I say he needs to show some respect. He says he doesn't since its not in his job description?????


I want to just fire him, but workers comp put him on "Modified work" so he can't lift anything about 40 lbs.



His diagnosing skills are wrong, how do I go about legally firing this guy...I wanted to throw him out after he started giving attitude but didn't want to get an unlawful termination case...seems as though he is baiting us to do it. I am dumbfounded how bad his attitude change as soon as he got verbally warned.




Advice? I want to create a clock-in policy today and install software and have everyone do it. (no one else has trouble with this)

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