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Do you have tell your customers "No"?

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I have been running into this situation recently. Right now (thanks goodness) we are fairly busy with a lot of work and a lot of cars. I have been stuck in a position before where we have been slammed and I would still tell customers YES. There is a philosophy that many follow that is to say YES to all your customers as much as possible. When I would do this I would be stuck with a lot of cars and under delivered promises. In an effort to keep to the motto of "under estimate and over deliver" I've had to say NO to a few phone callers.


Situation today a 2011 BMW X6 called in for an oil change. My schedule is packed at the moment and when we perform an oil service we give the car at least 1 hour between our thorough inspection and the oil change itself. It also gives a chance to upsell any work. Since we were completely booked I tried booking him for an appointment next week. He was of course the pushy type of customer that needed the service done NOW and said he'd call back. I don't feel too bad about not booking him as in my experience the pushy customers are very hard to deal with and will only buy that they deem is important, meaning they will not be "sold" on additional services if their car is still running and driving.


I fully understand the principles of having "reserve" time in the schedule to deal with drop in customers. It has been a challenge for me to implement such techniques when there are times such as now where I have good customers that need work done and I can't push them off to even out my schedule.



What are your experiences? Do you ever tell customers no? How do you feel it affects your business?

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