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I need to vent!

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Ok guys, I just need to vent . Had a customer come in Monday with a Suburban needing a state inspection. Turns out, he has no brake lights and so he leaves it to have us look at it. Later on that day, my tech does the nessasary testing and so forth and determines he needs a multi-function switch. My SA makes a quote and calls his house and talks with his wife and gives her the quote. She says she will relay the info to her husband and get back to us. By now, it's close to closing time, so I'm not expecting to hear back from him today. I leave the shop and stop at a local national-chain parts store to pick- up some hose we will be needing first thing in the morning. Now this store is one we never have dealt with much over the years for various reasons, but their outside sales rep has been coming by a lot over the past several months trying to drum up business. So I've been warming up to them and "testing the waters" so to speak. I get out of my truck and run into, you guessed it, the owner of the Suburban! He tells me that he just can't afford the price we quoted him and he felt it was just to much. I talked to him about how we used only quality parts and insure trouble free operation and such, trying to build some value, but he keeps insisting that he feels it is too much. I told him I understand how he felt and if he refused the repairs, all he owed was a testing fee. Then he asks if he supplied the part, how much would I charge him to install it. I told him what the labor would be and that there would be no warranty. He agreed and handed me a new switch from said national-chain parts store and said to call him when it was ready. Then he said, " I know your in business and such, but your price for the switch is just too much. It only cost $162.00! " This is the part that ticks me off. My cost from the same part store is $184.90. That's right, they sold it to a guy off the street for less than I could get it for. I'm sorry, but if you want more of my business, this is not the way to do it. I'm cooling off some before I say anything. Should I take it up with the store manager, the sales rep, or call the owner of the company? :angry:

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