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Do you read about shop business? Ratchet + Wrench & Shop Owner Magazine

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I agree with the shop views, really neat to see how others configure their shops and offices. I also have found the magazine to be a great learning tool and look forward to reading the articles every month, thanks Joe for your contributions.

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Links to products and services that shops use or that are being discussed... There was an article about a shop using a plug-in in the OBDII port that sent information back to the shop and how much customers loved, but no information on how to sign up for the service if you wanted it in your shop. Or there was an article in September's issue about accountants vs financial planners and it was mentioned to start at " with the International Financial Planners Association" but no link or anything was provided for the IFPA. If you google it, you get IARFC.... is that the same as what was mentioned in the article?


I think it would be helpful to provide these links in the article.

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I read that magazine from cover to cover within 1 day of getting it. Thank you to Joe and people like him for putting in such a great effort into making us better as shop owners. I have been open for 5 years starting from scratch and that magazine gives me inspiration to keep moving my business forward and ideas on how to grow it faster and more efficient. I hope to be one of their featured shops in some near future. Thanks again.

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