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  1. KenV


  2. Congratulations Joe! ASO is a great sight for information from the shop to the office.
  3. Hi Joe, Fred and I were just wondering why were not finding out about this meetings until after there over? Who is letting you know and how do we get put on the list? Thanks Joe
  4. xrac says it best, your time is worth something if you spend time above the normal alignment time you should be getting paid for it. We have customers and Body Shops come in for an alignment and after we set the vehicle up we find bent part that need to be ordered and they are charged a setup fee.
  5. We just signed up with Kukui on Wednesday our website should be up and running in about 30 days, looking forward to it. Been with DemandForce for about 4 years now its ok but its just costomer retention and not a real marketing tool.
  6. We have been using Colonial Label Stand alone system for 12 years, they have static cling or adhesive labels.
  7. Great voice! she's very good! Thanks for sharing
  8. The 2 other shops refused to do the work because it couldn't be done for $200. You explained to her the problem of what could occur in the replacement of spark plugs on a Ford. Letting her know up front that there could be addittional cost. She is shopping and you did nothing wrong , you gave her the correct information.
  9. We us a check sheet for every car that comes in and discussed with the customer what needs to be take care of now and what can be done at a later time.

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