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I'm not one to fuss and complain (unless you ask my wife), and I sure hate to talk bad about a product.

I've got to be honest though something is happening with advance auto and product quality. Maybe product quality as a whole.

Our town has 3 non oem stores, AAP, NAPA and a small local store. The local advance stocks more parts and their much more efficient and organized than the local napa.

Recently I've filed 5 labor claims to Advance.

1. Starter on pontiac vibe, installed and randomly clicked with no start. Installed a new one, today customer calls back its been clicking two weeks now it wont start at all. (Starters 3 weeks old) (3 labor claims)

2. 98 astro radiator - first one bent in u shape when I opened the box, installed second and it had 3 pin holes that were found in vacuum filling.

3. Same astro - new fuel pump for level sensor now the pumps drawing high amperage and vehicle will occasionally not start. Not filed a claim yet - still intermittent failure and not confirmed.


Obviously the staff has been very helpful yet they say "no one else is having problems" but thats not what I'm hearing around town. The staff at the store is the reason we've haven't gone elsewhere. They're great to work with.

Anyone else had any issues? Looking like a real idiot to my customers and of course we go above and beyond to handle it but its a consolation prize if anything to the owners.

I personally diaged all of the issues myself and I feel confident in the diags.

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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