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Joe Marconi

You Must Read My Response To Being Accused Of Overcharging

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The son of a long time customer asked to speak to me. The mother brought her Lexus in for a check engine light issue. The car needed an O2 sensor.


The sons issue was over the diagnostic charges. He claimed that even the dealers dont charge for diagnostic testing. I let him speak, without interrupting him, until he was finished.


When he was finished I asked him why call me now after all the years the mother has been a customer? He told me that nothing seemed out of line before and as a matter of fact, we saved the mother a lot of money over the years because my services and oil changes are lower than the dealer.


So, I asked him: How is it, when I charged less money, you never called me to let me know that? He laughed, but I said, "I'm serious." He laughed again and he did not have much to say after that. I ended with, "The policy at the dealer or another shop has no bearing on my policy, but please keep checking my charges and I do expect a call the next time I UNDERCHARGE you."


The conversation ended on a happy note, thankfully!

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