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  1. ok, thanks for the responses guys! My business is in Arkansas so I will look on my quarterly filing form and see if there is a place to report tax exempt invoice totals.
  2. Hey I have a non-profit business that is wanting me to do work for them and is sales tax exempt. How do I handle that? I mean, I can easily erase the sales tax from the invoice, but what else do I need to do and keep record of to make sure everything is legal on my end?
  3. Ok, before you all begin assaulting and attacking me for being a half ass mechanic...let me explain: I AM NOT posting this because I make a practice of replacing only one brake rotor or because I want to argue a case in favor of such practice. I, like most of you I imagine, have always been taught and trained to replace/refinish brake rotors ONLY in pairs. NO EXCEPTIONS. Or else the world will explode! haha...ok, well, maybe not the world I guess. But presumably something really bad will happen. But do any of you ever get asked by the customer WHY you had to replace both rotors wh
  4. I wanted to get you guys' opinion/recommendation on transmission fluid additives? Are there any good ones out there? I am generally not an additive kind of guy as I have seen all too many times the horrific issues "stop leak in a bottle" type additives cause. I have heard, though, when it comes to transmissions that some non-stop leak type additives can actually help free up valves and such in an old transmission. Some of the names I have heard good things about specifically are Trans-X and SeaFoam Trans. additive. I really have a very limited experience with automatic transmission and
  5. Fair enough. I know the type you're referring to: beer in one hand, wrench in the other..."cash only please". That's not me, though. I try to operate my business with a degree of professionalism that lets the customers know that I am NOT just another backyard mechanic. I have never known a backyard mechanic to purchase liability insurance. I have never known a backyard mechanic to set daily and weekly hours of business and stick to them rigidly....professional uniform, shirt tucked in, coffee in hand, ready to go to work at 8am. I have never known a backyard mechanic to buy subscription
  6. I am at the other end of this spectrum. In many ways I am that boy riding the scooter just starting out in business for himself doing what he loves. I suspect that the sooner I learn these lessons you long timers share on this forum the better off I will be!
  7. I agree. At the end of the day I have no one to answer to except God, myself, and my customers. ALL the responsibility, ALL the blame, but also ALL the reward falls on me for the quality and amount of work that I put into my business. It can be stressful, but also can be fun and exciting. I wouldn't trade it for any regular "job" in the world, no matter how much the pay was!
  8. I apologize, on my part, for any perceived disrespect I have shown towards fellow shop owners on this forum...I can assure you ALL it was not my intention. I have the utmost respect for the multi-bay shop owner and am quite aware of the fact that most of you guys are operating businesses that are on a whole different caliber than mine is at this point. I know I have a LOT to learn (that's why I'm here) and I hope that I can continue to do so through these discussions and the constructive criticism that you guys have for me, but also please keep in mind that in the same way that you don't
  9. I've taken a lot of insults on this thread, man...but seriously? I don't owe you a damn thing. It's called free enterprise. You act like me and all the other shops and your customers OWE YOU a living and you should just be able to charge whatever price you want and they should be GLAD to pay it because you DESERVE to make money. Nothing comes for free. Offer the customers a service they need at a price they can afford and they will keep coming back. Nobody likes a bully. Next thing I know you are going to be coming to my house at night slashing my tires trying to strong-arm anyone who "
  10. My rule of thumb for marking up parts is that if I can get the part cheaper than what the customer can get it themselves then I have good reason to mark it up. Most discounts on parts and supplies are based on a bulk purchases that the customer could not possibly have access to. I guess in my mind for it to make sense to the customer you have to be actually offering them something to charge them for it. If you offer them the exact same part and the exact same availability as somewhere else down the road except you charge them MORE for it then why would they choose to get it from you instead
  11. Not sure if these questions are designed to be or leading into a jab at me personally or at Mobile Auto Mechanics in general or both or neither, but let me just preface my answers by saying that I am very well aware that a lot of the rules that apply to a 10 bay shop do not apply to me, or at least do not affect me nearly as much. The implications of a 10 bay shop not marking up parts is likely to be quite a bit different than a 1 man mobile mechanic not marking up parts. I am not necessarily even recommending that EVERYONE immediately stop marking up their parts on ethical or any other gro
  12. This is probably true, but is the REAL problem the stores that sell the low quality parts or the customers who are ignorant enough to buy them? Stores will always sell what the customers want. It is just unfortunate how negatively this impacts our trade. This is the whole point of this thread though, "A good name is more to be desired than great riches". Its a companies NAME is all we have to go by at this point. We need to put our heads together and find companies that are putting out quality parts so we don't all end up cursing under our breath as we install that 3rd defective altern
  13. Yes, sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate that NAPA's premium parts weren't still good and probably much better than whatever AZ or Advanced calls "premium", but my only problem is not knowing who the actual manufacturer of the parts is due to the NAPA stamp on everything. Things like brake pads are a pretty easy comparison between parts stores (they each seem to carry their own "house brands") but when it comes to things like power steering pumps or reman axles I like to know who the manufacturer/remanufacturer is as I doubt NAPA actually has their own line of EVERY part. Electrical parts are

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