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Rear Brake Noise Problem on a 2009 Avenger

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I haven't experienced that car but I would recommend the factory drums. I know on my Honda Odyssey if I use anything else, it will make noise. Put factory shoes and drums on it and if it still makes noise, there isn't anything else you can do.

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Just curious, is it a squeal, growl, ticking, grinding noise? All the time or when pedal/e-brake engaged? Forward and reverse? Is the rear wheel bearing/hub making a slight noise under load possibly?

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We have checked those. It fact we have check and done all the obvious stuff. We are installing factory shoes, machining the drums, and installing vibration dampeners this week.


Did you take a ride with the customer and ask to see how they operate the parking brake?


Are they fully releasing the parking brake after use?


It sounds to me that the customer's initial failure could have been cause by driving with the parking brake engaged.


I never assume or think anything is obvious since your experience is different from mine and what is obvious to you may not be to me. Having said that, make sure none of the brake hardware kit springs, retainers or levers are fatigued.

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