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Hello From CNY

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Hello, lets start off by saying that i am by no means a professional. I have worked in the Parts business for almost 3 years. That has given me a large amount of knowledge of automotive systems. Before then while working in a home improvement store. i bought a 91 s10, did a few odds and ends on it. later i got a 91 sonoma, needed a motor so i took the one from the s10 , changed it all over to 4wd pan and pickup tube, and installed in in the noma.


soon after i got a 94 s11 with a blown up 2.2, without knowing i pulled a motor from the junkyard that was too new, everything was different in some way, so it didnt run properly. (cams were diff,rocker ratio was diff,heads were diff, on and on and on.) got the proper motor and ran that till it blew up due to a bad rod bearing.


when that blew i decided to go with a V8, of course this is not a drop in motor. custom mounts,headers, exhaust, cooling, wiring, and more. doing this gave me a real look at how things work, i had to rebuild the 283 (light rebuild, hone and new rings, bearings, valve seals) so that showed me how to rebuild the ol SBC.


some where in the middle i got a 98 jimmy and put a motor in that, which started to teach me about OBDII codes not being a definitive mechanic in a computer


in april of 2009 i got hired in the parts business (looking up my own parts while doing the s10 project helped with this). while working here and visiting our commercial customers for deliverys of just to say hi, i learned alot of things. many side jobs later me and a buddy (who bought a lift i thought we were never gonna use at the time) are thingking about opening up a "shop", small at first, then if we get enough customers (we have a few already) maybe go part time at out jobs and do more automotive work.


now we are not the idiots who rip into something blindly. we research it whenever possible. and if it is a job we dont have the equipment of know-how to do, we are not afraid to say " we cant do that", and send them to someone we trust.


i guess right now we are kinda parts changers, tune-ups,chassis parts, brake jobs, anything that does not require alldata (or equivalent ) or a scantool (a good one) we do, might get a good scan tool when we get serious about putting money into it.


i am always one for learning, so ill be reading many tech articles i can find on here.


well now you know what im all about, so if i go into a topic and suggest something that is a "duh" thing dont go crazy.

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Welcome! If you are serious about opening a business I would strongly consider getting as much training as possible and also working for another shop for a few years. The type of things you have been doing (swapping engines) is not preparation to run a shop. I recently hire a guy who knew how to rebuild engines inside an out. Trouble was he didn't know much else. He didn't last.

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Welcome to AutoShopOwner! I agree with xrac, get as much training as you can. There are too many shops these days that fail because they can turn a wrench, but don't run their businesses to be profitable. Good luck to you, we'd love to follow your new shop story if you decide to open it! Keep us all posted. :D

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