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  1. Without even reading the whole article I feel where you come from. When i have a customer in the store or on the phone, they want the cheapest one. They dont care about the warranty, the cost (or hassle in DIY) of replacing the part, possible tire wear, possible realignment costs (60-80 here). It is hard to get people to spend money on good parts. people will buy the cheapest oil and air filters they can, cheapest wipers possible. Fed Mogul has changed (at aap atleast) the National name to MOOG. Same part (well same stampings on them), new box.
  2. Not sure if anyone here uses or used the Compnine site. But it is back up Compnine it is great for viewing build sheets for vehicles with the RPO sheets removed or damaged. it is cheap and a great tool in the automotive world. Great for finding fuel tank sizes,build dates (for those painted over stickers), suspension packages, assembly plant location, brake packages (lovely GMT 800 trucks). only $25 a month for 300 searches, cant beat that. Beats waiting for your dealer if they are busy...... Here are the results for my truck Vehicle: JIMMY 4 DR Year: 1998 Build Dat
  3. are you kidding me? how dumb can a person be? and maybe on the MAF they thought the arrow pointed to the front of the truck.
  4. it is sad, if I (or anyone here for that fact) offers a service and charges for it, and does not do that service, they should be closed down. one thing that i noticed, the filter on that jeep should have been a N/S filter, the tech knew that and charged for the part and labor.
  5. digging this up I was wondering if anyone here has used the Wearever pads from AAP? i have used them a few times on customer cars and my own, usually use the Gold line (oe material and style), and they hold up good. Ceramic on my truck held up good, low dust, no squeaks. and yes i do work for aap, and no im not advertising. while were here, what are your thoughts on wagner pads?
  6. Do any shops go by the GM OLM feature when using the required oil?
  7. this is the reason i decided to do all my own work.
  8. NSFW . language. i have felt like this before, just at advance not zone, FYI aap rotors have 2yr warranty
  9. if the customers in the shop are half as bad as they are in the parts store. I would throw a few threw the window. You can do everything in your power to make someone happy. And they are still not happy. Or they are just plain ass hats,and cause trouble on purpose
  10. i hate going to do a SES light and see a bundle of wires with piggy back connecters, from some quick/cheap starter install. if i were installing a starter i would use either a specific harness that is pre-spliced for the starter, or splice in and solder/heat shrink everything. it looks better, creates a better connection. and is much safer than piggy backing wires with a cheat 3 cent plastic connecter. we have a large number of starter installers here. some of them do it nice, others do it like poo. they all charge about the same for a install. i guess some are more concerned with $$$, ot
  11. i am gonna try to find out how that works. they give us instore training, but it is crap (unless you have never turned a wrench before)
  12. well on the other side of the coin, when i tell someone the whole job with parts is 400. it seems like alot, but it really isint. escpcally when half of that is parts. even if the job took 2 hours, people dont realize even if it was "easy" to do it, it is not the labor they are paying for, but knowing how to do the job that it where the money is
  13. Advance offers testing thru BWD and a few others also. i wanna go to them, but since i work there i would still have to pay. you would think they want us to know the good stuff.

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