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Joe Marconi

Tough Winter Will Pay Off

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Tough Winter Will Pay Off


If you are a shop owner that has endured one of the toughest winters in history, don’t despair. The effects of winter are already taking its toll on the road ways and will no doubt have an effect on your customer’s cars. Get yourself and your team ready to inspect all cars for pothole damage and other damage as a result of the winter. Look for damaged tires, wheels, exhaust, steering, suspension, wheel alignment, splash shields, bumper covers and other areas.


Maybe create an “End of Winter Promotion Package”, to include a complete vehicle inspection with a tire balance, rotation (if needed), wheel alignment. Or create your own promotion. The point is you need to look out for what is best for your customer, which in turn will bring in much needed dollars after losing so many days from the winter storms.

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    • By Joe Marconi
      Thanksgiving is around the corner, and that means that the winter months are not far behind. For many shops, this means a slow down due to weather and the usual bills that come with winter. Combine that we the fact that consumers are usually less willing to spend during the winter, adds up to a potential slow down in sales.
      But, you can be proactive and maximize your efforts. Here's quick list of things you can do below, and please feel free to add any of your own ideas:
      Be proactive at car delivery and make sure you identify at least two future services per vehicle Perform the multipoint inspection on all vehicles and maximize sales for today and make those recommendations for the near future. Make sure that the customer experience was nothing short of world class - give your customers reasons to return to you Consider a mid-winter promo, such as an oil service with a tire rotation, 21 point inspection, winter safety check, perhaps a fuel and oil additive. NOTE: while I am not a fan of a discount Oil Change, I do like promotions. They convey value and pre-qualify those people only looking for a cheap oil change You could sent the promo to your existing customers and/or obtain a mailing list Create a slow day process your team steps up their game Don't get tunnel vision and only focus on what the customer brought the car in for, look for opportunity Remember, every car in your shop today needs future services and repairs. The question is; will they be returning to you?
      Please feel free to add your suggestions. I know we would all appreciate it!
    • By HarrytheCarGeek
      Banks are preparing for an ‘economic nuclear winter'
      Prepare, prepare, prepare! We are going in for really tough times, be ready, keep your people network in contact, we are not going to like this phase of the coming economy.
    • By HarrytheCarGeek
      October was a very rough month in retail sales for us, across the board it came in down about -40%, yes, almost half of our average sales. Corporate accounts were down -16%.
      What is going on, what are we supposedly doing wrong? November is on par with the past years but not by much.
      We track our marketing meticulously, we ask our customers for feedback, what do we know? This is what we know, our customers are struggling financially, many are living in houses that their mortgages are not being serviced, they are in dire straights.
      We have gone deeper into our research, but are not happy with what we are seeing. Bottom line, social and political economic policies are broken, we are in big trouble and we instinctively "feel it" but no one in political office will point it out because it is a thankless job.
      I am an optimist, but even I have a hard time being positive about the present outlook.
    • By Joe Marconi
      While many shop owners may not enjoy a harsh winter, there's always that feeling that a tough winter is good for business. But is it?
      Last year was one of the worst winters on record in the northeast. There was a ton of winter-related work. But, when you factor the days closed due to snow and ice storms, sales did not reflect any real increase.
      I know I may be simplifying this, since there are a number of reasons why business may slow down in the winter months. However, to rely on a tough winter to bring in service and repair work may not be your best sales strategy.
      The winter will be what it is; tough or mild. We cannot help that. But, what we can do is prepare for either scenario, which is building your customer retention rate by proactively identifying needed future work on each vehicle, discussing all future work with each customer, creating service reminders and creating a follow up call list to contact your customers when those service reminders go out.
      We cannot predict the future, but we can help create it. Start today with each and every customer to ensure that they come back to you for all their service needs.
      Remember this: Every car in your shop today will need a future LOF service, future services and future repairs. The question is, will they be coming back to you?
    • By Joe Marconi
      Before you call me crazy, please read on. Last year was one of the toughest winters in history for many shops in the northern states. Records snow falls and frigid low temperatures caused many shops to lose days, and in some cases weeks’ worth of sales. Many shops are still struggling to eke out a profit for this year.
      That’s the bad news, and the reality of what happened and what can happen again this winter. The good news is this: We all learned from it. And because of what happened we are better prepared, or should be better prepared for it.
      He’s a rundown of the strategy most of us will implement. Please feel free to add to this list, so we can all share in each other’s knowledge:
      · Create a Fall Promotion to get your customer’s car ready for the winter
      · Have a meeting with the entire staff; key on the service areas that are winter-related and check these items at every vehicle visit:
      o Battery testing
      o Antifreeze testing
      o Check wiper blades
      o Check tire condition
      o Suggest snow/winter tires
      o Check all fluid condition
      o Check operation of heater and fan speeds
      · Make sure your service staff is proactive with regard to needed maintenance services
      · Identify the next service for all customers, inform the customer.
      · Book and flood your customer base with service reminders during the slower months to boost sales
      · Implement a phone call system to call customer to remind them of recommended services, especially during the slow months
      · Create another Winter-Related promotion and send out during the months of January, February and March.
      o Flood your customer base with these promotions.
      No one can predict the future, and no one can tell how any effect any marketing plan will be. But there is one thing I CAN guarantee; if you do nothing, expect nothing.
      Your thoughts?
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