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found this website today. was looking for info on where everyone else goes for things like shop insurance, management software,suppliers,etc. started this business because i was tired of making the boss money while working long hours with little pay. also have a problem taking orders- especially from those who THINK they know telling those that do know. or even worse- because that's the way we want it done( when there is a better way to do it for both the customer and the tech) started wrenchin at 16 in a vw/porsche dealer. worked at a ford dealer for a while-ran an independent shop as a foreman/mechanic at 20. started my own shop at 25. became an ase master tech at 24...... have 4 bays,2 techs, wife writing at front desk/phones. and me in the back planning my next hunting/fishing trip. (did i do OK?)

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