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Shop Owners: Promote Back to School!

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You're right! No matter what people are doing (read that as pandemic or not), most are used to the "back to school" concept. Been around since time began. One of our users already ran this text message coupon with great results (the address has been redacted) but know that the customer can respond in 3 ways:
1) Complete a form when they scroll down (That emails direct to the shop owner's inbox)
2) One tap to text the shop back
3) One tap to call the shop directly from their text app. 



Works really well because it's a fact that digital coupons get a 10X better response over any other form of advertising. 
But don't forget, there's a ton of reasons to do promotions for your repair shop. In fact, I've got a list of 111 Reasons Repair Shop Owners can use to make offers! It's a totally free download and you're welcome to grab yours!

Hope this helps!

"The Car Count Fixer"
P.S.: Find out How one shop owner made an EXTRA $22,470 in the middle of a lockdown!




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