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I run my own Google ad words and I work my butt off to make sure I have good reviews. I run Yelp ads and again work off butt to make sure Yelp reviews are too notch. Beyond that community events, Facebook posts, and boots to the pavement introducing yourself should cover the bases these days. If you have a larger shop more then 4 lifts I think you have to run some coupon shoppers to keep the bats filled. Just keep in mind coupon customers need to be hand held through the process of you want any chance of converting them. Local radio shows have also helped us fill the gaps. 

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On 5/4/2018 at 4:50 PM, autobodyguys said:

Hey Everyone,

Curious what everyone is doing for marketing and advertising. What have you found to be the best return for your money and where are you located?? Looking for some ideas for my auto body shop .

I have tried radio, yelp and yellow pages (never again).

I can only speak of online advertising including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.  The reason so many shops like it is that it’s MEASURABLE.  Pay for performance is a concept few publishers of advertising understand.  Our business grew from $700K/yr. to $1.2M/yr. with online marketing.  I manage everything myself.  Once I learned what keywords were generating phone calls, I focused only on those keywords.  There’s too much to say in a short post other than to say everything you need to learn is available online from Google and/or YouTube.  Good luck!

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Google Adwords is probably our single most important advertising. We've also worked on our website and had a consistent Facebook presence to produce good organic search results. We also have increased our Yelp advertising, and as much as we're not favorable towards Yelp I have to admit that it works for us. 

Google and Yelp have worked hard to insert themselves into the market as important sources of info for people searching for a good place to do business. We have to face reality and go with the flow, in my opinion. It works for us. I did no direct mail since last year, minimal Facebook last month, but $2500 with Google and Yelp and we had 108 first time customers in April. Obviously, word of mouth and referrals play in to that, but digital marketing in this day and age is important if we want to stand out.

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