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Want to motivate your technicians and service advisors? Don’t discuss business

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Sell your car with CarBrain

Sell your car with CarBrain

Sell your car with CarBrain

Years ago I woirked for Hertz Rent-a-Car and the whole management team was sent to a seminar for 2 days to learn to do exactly as your describing.  I know it changed my attitude and outlook as a manager and it did make a difference in my groups work output. We seemed to 'click' as a team in a short period of time after that 2 day work shop. When I left Hertz I made it a practice to carry that new learning on to my own businesses.   

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Good point Joe! It's the old "what's-in-it-for-me" thinking. People love to talk about themselves... but if you LISTEN, you will learn too!

I remember years ago, I could never figure out why job applications asked questions about hobbies and other interests. Today, when I talk with shop owners, I tell them that this type of question (and ongoing conversation) is well worth your time and effort. 

When people talk about the things they like to do - you can quickly see if they're "leaders" or "followers". The leader will tell you about how he/she went out of their way to organize - do - or put together some sort of activity. The follow usually tells you about how much fun it was to participate. 

Now, there's nothing wrong with participation. The big question is "what for?" When people participate to help a cause - it tells you a lot about them. They are not just focused on themselves. 

Overall - good idea you're talking about Joe!

Hope this helps!

Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"

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