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Looking for other millennial future shop owners!


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Hey Everyone! My name is Vince.


Just started browsing this website and it seems very informative with lots of useful information. I'm currently looking to connect with any others that can relate to a situation I am in.


I am a second generation future shop owner currently struggling with family matters and butting heads with the current older generation that is running the company. I am 30 years old with currently 9 years in the industry. Looking for information or tips on how to push forward or just someone to talk to that can relate!


Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!





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Vince. I'm 36 years old and 3rd generation shop manager and future owner. I took over running the shop 10 years ago when my father passed away. I had really struggled until recently with my mother who owns the shop and my older sister who runs the office.


I'm glad to see you reaching out. I wish I had done the same sooner. I'd be miles ahead of where I'm at now.


Sent my info, feel free to reach out anytime.

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I'm 28, Third Generation Technically, although my dad wanted nothing to do with the Auto Repair side, he took the machine shop. I've been running this place since I was 22, I butted heads ALOT with my grandpa then. But as the years have went on it's been less and less.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone! Here is a little more info on where I am coming from.


My father is the majority holder of the this small corporation and started the business, we have multiple shops. He has 3 other business partners whom operate the company and I am currently managing one of the locations. My father has fell ill with some mental issues and left the company shortly before I started. It has been a constant power struggle and what seems to be a concrete ceiling that I cannot break through. I try not to let all the politics get in the way of things and stay focused on work but they constantly hold me down. From the time I started it seemed as if they did not want me to succeed.


Rather then giving up I have just kept pushing forward doing my best. Its always been expected from me to do good and I have been monitored under a microscope since I have started where all of my mistakes are magnified. I dont know whether to create some waves and push forward or just wait it out for them to retire. It has become a struggle without my father there to go to for advise


I have delt with sensing this grudge, jealousy and anger they carry every day that he is basically retired and does not need to manage the day to day operations any longer. Recently he hasn't been well enough for even me to talk to. My current dilema is that one of the current active owners is getting ready to retire where I will step up in his place but he has no plan or course of action and refuses to let anyone know when that day will be. My father has not been well enough to even create a succession plan and the other owners refuse to loosen up on the reigns and show me the ropes.


That is a little more in depth information on my problems along with all the other basics like advancing the company more with technology. Looking for other sources of business, going paperless.


Thanks everyone!

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Hi Vince, I can relate you in some fashion. I have not inherited a shop business however I did start my shop about 10 years ago when I was 20-21 and have been through the wringer a few times. Take my opinion with a grain of salt because I have never had to deal with a generational gap with my team. All my guys are around my age. I do recognize however a universal truth. You have to have the RIGHT people working in your business regardless of age or proficiency level. Attitude and Aptitude are paramount. What is seems like is you have some uncooperative people you are working with. If I were you I would make the best attempt to try to turn them around. Really do your best. If it just doesn't happen then you need to find someone to get rid of them or move past them.


Thankfully I do not have that problem with a person in a management/ownership role however I do have a running issue with one of my team members whom is a tech. He has been with me almost since the beginning however he has absolutely the wrong attitude. I have tried many times over to change this person but to no avail. I know the right move is to get him off the bus however I am finding it difficult but at least I know what path needs to be taken! ;)

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