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New Bay Area (CA) Shop

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I am so sad I didnt see this forum earlier.


Our shop, Trackspec Autosports, is 1 year old. I was a lawyer, then left to do non-law tech (SF startup) and loved it until we got acquired by a big company...then a couple months ago, quit to help my significant other run his business. We have 3 techs, 2 owners (1 is my significant other, the other is a financial backer), and myself, who runs everything besides working on a car.


I am here because I am always looking on ways to improve, even if we are doing okay. Coming from law and tech, I dont know many people that run an auto shop biz, which is unique in several ways...including taxes & workflow management. My big thing is efficiency, and even though I've made many improvements, I feel like it can always be better. I need it to be more paperless overall and also need it to be more efficient with accounting. Seems hard when the entire industry doesnt seem up to date. Looking for suggestions so I found this forum which is awesome!


Thanks for reading :)



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