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I Found This to Be Quite Interesting

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So, earlier today I was on Ratchet and Wrench Magazine and I ran across this article which I found to be very interesting. (or maybe a mistake?)




What I"m talking about is this: The article states that the shop does 700 vehicles a month with a annual revenue of $550,000. That brings the ARO to about $65.48. Is it a completely different business model than what I'm (or most of us) are striving for? I mean, it doesn't look like a quick lube, but it's the home of the $10 oil change. And in my experience (and I believe in all of yours) doing something like a $10 oil change only brings in the "bottom feeders."


Now please don't get me wrong - I am by no means dissing this shop, I do not know them or their business.


But it seems that everything that I've ever learned on ASO goes against how this guy is surviving?


I just found this article interesting and thought it would start a good discussion.


Hope you all are having a great day!

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