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ASE certified/pay/benefits

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I was wondering what the general census on ASE certifications vs. pay and benefits? I have been working at the same shop for 24 years. I am an ASE master tech , L1 , State Inspection License, and Master Emission Repair License . I am paid 50 percent commission with 10 days paid vacation, about 40% towards my health insurance, no paid holidays or sick leave.Also no kind of retirement I work along side a 21 year old with no certifications or schooling who really knows nothing I help him with all his diagnostics and repairs, I also work along side an older guy also no schooling or certifications who also knows almost nothing , he tends to do engine and trans swaps (which take him a very very long time to complete) both of these fellow employees are paid the same as me 50%. I am very passionate on doing the job correctly the first time and I follow the labor guides to the tee. These other guys make up prices and really rip customers off never really solving problems. This drives me up a wall. I have tried over and over to drill it into the owners head about taking care of a customer honestly and fairly and having them come back over and over again for other repairs instead of just trying to get as much as you can at one time.. but of course it tends to fall on deaf ears. I always tell him the business is only as good as the weakest link. Is this just where I work or is this where the industry is trending? Nobody seems to want to learn the trade anymore everyone is a "technician" I am seriously thinking of starting my own business to give the public a fair and proper facility to get repairs done. Am I alone in this thinking or is it the trend? Does everyone pay their employees the same no matter skill level, certification level, and experience?

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