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Thoughts on new shop/ Thoughts on website?

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So about a year ago I retired and moved 400 miles away to Indianapolis Indiana with the plans on never touching a car again. That being said, I needed a compressor and lift but that was really it considering I had all my other tools including trans/coolant flush machines, snap on versus ultra and every other tool made for auto repairs. It started out harmless enough repairing family's vehicles and then something else happened but I'm still a little fuzzy on that part. Ether way, I kept getting calls for people with high end vehicles that only wanted me to repair their vehicles so I did one here and there. Problem was their vehicles weren't insured and I didn't have a business license here and when you have multiple Vipers in your garage (40 x 60) the fear of a tornade or even sharknado is a bit overwhelming.


So now I've started a business at my home and I'm not exactly sure how to go foward with things. I don't plan on working on 10 year old rusty jeeps anymore and want to choose which car I work on. Now my problem is that I can't justify charging $95/hr since I have no addid cost besides insurance, mitchell and some other small things <$500/month. I have went as far as visiting the other Indy shops in the area and the very few good ones are so backed up with vehicles they say we need more competent shops to ease the load so I am not stealing customers (from those that deserve them at least). So my delema is what should I charge, how should I advertise and how in the world do I selectivly advertise and not offend people? It isn't a large town and I'm not trying to make any enemies.


Here's a link to the website which is still under construction. Don't mind the "Prices" tab, just messing around with it but I doubt I'll actually leave it.



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