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  1. Twilight

    Any Alldata Management Users ?

    my bad i get my right and left mixed up. notes in on right side, passenger side i copied and pasted your words and it fit in to notes. then i added some labor time. i named it prepurchase inspection. In the description i put some like inspect costumer's potential new car. save it. grabed a random car from my list and add this generic job and saved as a pd but not sure how to up load the image. but it works.
  2. Twilight

    Any Alldata Management Users ?

    I'm not using all data online click shop jobs click new then it pops up the select new job items page there are 5 tabs the far left one is notes type what you want click add item if you use up the space in that note add more notes maybe brake the notes up as engine, suspension, interior and so on
  3. Twilight

    Any Alldata Management Users ?

    there's a note tab where you add parts and labor
  4. For phone shoppers we get their first name and phone #. we use the date as a last name. the last name can always be change later. this way every so often i can delete names of costumes that never come in very easily. if it is a customer that doesn't state that they've been here before than when the come in for that service we just save the job as a shop job and than use that shop job on the existing car. I feel that this makes it easier to root out shopper from customer in our customer list. then just delete the unassigned cars and now we have an accurate list of what make, models we see here.