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    AA of South Africa ( Accredited member since 2006)
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    Joined the Midas Group in March 2013 with their Auto care and diagnostics workshop franchise.
    2017 Franchise of the year
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    To provide a trustworthy ,reliable and affordable service.
  1. Martin


  2. I welcome competition anytime. Im a very competitive person in that field and try to be a step ahead of the other guys by constantly evolving and initiating new concepts of service levels. I strive to be competitive on dealer level and beyond to the point were we are now assisting the dealers with technical issues. However badmouthing another shop because its competition is simply not on as it highlights your own insecurities and short comings. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Way back then the believe was that the radio internals get hot, when switched off it will form condensation and eventually blew the caps & resistors leaving the radio useless. My radio in the shop has been on for the past 24 years non stop.
  4. I am from South Africa and would like one of my admin ladies to do this course. is this posable
  5. My webpage URL has changed. http://www.acdautomotiveservices.co.za/
  6. I do Regular price checks on pricing between the dealers and aftermarket part suppliers..you will be surprised to see what you find.
  7. Many many years ago i voiced my concern that business at my shop is slow and other shops seem to have a lot of work. Her response to me was -" Dont worry about what is happening in other peoples shops, worry about your own". That words i took to hart and still apply that today in business today.
  8. Vibration under accelerastion could be worn inner cv joints.
  9. Hi. Im based in South Africa and enjoy the forum immensely. Here is my sites link: http://www.acdautomotiveservices.co.za/wmenu.php Would appreciate your comments. Regards Martin
  10. Good morning Gents Here is mine http://www.acdautomotiveservices.co.za

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