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We used a Sun VAT40 (carbon pile tester) for years and it worked well but offered no test printout. About five years ago we added a tester that we got from Interstate Battery which is great and prints test results. If something happens to the tester or cables they repair or replace at N/C. The tester has a bar code reader so all you need to do is scan the VIN and the tester identifies the vehicle and supplies battery specs and Interstate battery replacement part number if battery test fails. I opted for the optional inductive amp clamp which is not required but beneficial. We still use the VAT40 on occasion but it is rare. 

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We use the Interstate Batteries Tester and it is the best ever. Like JimO said, it is great and prints starter, charging, and battery results we can show our clients. It also shows ripple effect so we can identify bad alternators. It costs us $45 per month and we sell a Butt-Load of batteries!!

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7 hours ago, xrac said:

We have an old Vat 45 and a Midtronics. We use to have and use an Interstate Tester. However, after we tested two group 65 batteries with it and they failed we warrantied them out and sent the defects back to interstate they sent them back to us and said they were good batteries. We charged and restested the batteries and they still tested bad.  Guess what?  We sent the tester back to Interstate and we stopped selling Interstate Batteries.  By the way that retail dealer was forced to sell out about two years after we switched. 

Midtronics makes the Interstate tester. Midtronics also performs the repairs if required under a service agreement with Interstate. Any repairs that are required are done at N/C. Sounds like you should have sent your Interstate tester in for repair based on what you said. 

I forgot to mention that I also had a Snap-On Micro VAT previous to the Interstate/Midtronics tester. The Micro VAT worked well and printed test results similar to the Interstate. The Micro VAT did not have a bar code reader to ID the vehicle nor the ability to supply CCA specs or battery replacement part numbers. Repairs on the Micro VAT were expensive and the cable ends were continually failing. Getting the Interstate tester eliminated all problems.

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interstate batteries became junk in our shop. local route would argue on warranties including in my own personal vehicle. batteries on shelf that were put into stock as replacement tsted bad on multiple occasins. i took 3 differant testers to batteries on his truck and same result. the driver took his tester and confirmed same result. was so happyto remove them from my shelves.

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hello kingwoodshell,

hope it will help you.

WESTWARD Battery Tester, Digital, 50 to 125A, High Res

Item # 22YM07, Mfr. Model # 22YM07

  • Digital Battery Tester
  • 8 to 20V Voltage Range
  • 50 to 125A Load Ranges
  • Works With 12V Batteries
  • 300 to 1000 Cold Cranking Amps
  • High Resolution Digital Display.
  • Accuracy +/-0.2
  • Includes Instructions
  • Manufacturers Warranty Length 1 yr.

WESTWARD Battery Tester.jpg

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