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OIL CHANGES - To Free or not to FREE

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I feel like a politician the way I Flip Flop on the subject of oil changes.


Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't give this service away. Then I go to bed and wake up and think that performing an oil change for slightly over cost is a good way to get cars into the shop. After all, every car needs an oil change several times a year.


Then after lunch I feel that if I advertise a cheap oil service then I will only attract cheap people who only want the cheap oil change.


After my afternoon cup of coffee I decide that I can not offer a cheap oil service. But wait, What about the check list. If I have a lube tech dedicated to oil changes and he was good with my checklist then I could up sell all the other services the car needs. It's the old throw enough crap against the wall and some will stick routine.


YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO YES NO.... I can't take all the flip flopping!!


The only resolution I can seem to come up with that I haven't tried yes is: A value added Oil Service.

Has anyone done or is doing this successfully?


If so what works best?

Free wipers with an oil service?




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