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Just wanting to know how you all are handling labor billing for the smaller things ie Bulbs, Air Filters, Wiper Blades, Cabin Air etc. We tend to charge only a few bucks ($10) for cabin air labor (we make about 70% profit on the part) and no labor for air filters because these are typically done with some other services and sold as an upsale. Wiper Blades are labor free and bulbs are typically $10 installed (not headlights). The thing here is that when you look these things up in the labor guide it seems that they are way overstated. We have seen several cabin airs which took 5 minutes to install but called for .5-.8 hrs which is great profit but seems like highway robbery and hard to justify to the customer. Brake bulbs typically call for .4hrs etc. So just wanted to see how you all are charging for this. I think we are leaving a lot on the table here personally but not sure what the market will pay.

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