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The power of AutoShopOwner.com

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1 hour to 2015 and I am felling so excited for my shop in this new year. If you are new you must make it a habit to view this web site very often. ASO is so very powerful and I want to thank the creators and the members for giving me new life.


My name is Jeff and I own 2 companies. RI Used Tire and Used Tire Shop. Used Tire Shop is a software company I started a few years ago. It provides software for used tire shops to manage their inventory. I joined ASO thinking it would be a good venue to find new customers. I had no idea then what I had joined. After reading a few posts and attending a few Sunday night chats I was hooked. Fast forward 8 months.... I am changing my shop from RI Used Tire to RI Tire and Service. We are rapidly transforming into a customer service oriented complete car care facility. All because of this web site and its members. So thank you.


From all the help, support and leads we are now in service adviser training and our sales per car is climbing daily. We are helping people repair and maintain their vehicles in a calm orderly fashion. We are no where near perfect yet but we see a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. I am learning how to manage a successful shop, my service adviser is learning how to treat customers and recommend needed services and my tech is busy and starting to make some money. I never thought this was possible.


Old members - Thank you.
New Members - Read, Ask, Learn and Contribute.





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