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The shop I manage is all about training. Our techs attend as many classes as we can sign up for, they spend a half hour a week doing online training. We also do some in-house training with all of our guys. Service writers also get training, just not as much, because there is not that many offered for writers. I would love to see more training available for service writers and managers. If you guys know of any let me know. Thanks

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If you speak with most shop owners, we would all agree that training is a key component to continued success in business. There is so much new information these days, the only way to stay at the top of your game is through on-going training. And while most of us set up training for our technicians, we often neglect the need for continued training for our service advisors, managers and even for us as shop owners.  


Service advisors need ongoing sales training.  Shop managers and shop owners will benefit from training on topics such as employee management, employee recruiting, cost controls, understanding the financials, marketing and leadership.


Everyone in your shop benefits from training.  It not only sharpens their skills, but also improves morale.  And you, as the shop owner, can benefit from a tune up now and then too.

I wish there was a better training option for entry service writers. We're doing a demo of the new motoskill (just one video) and it really pushes sales techniques but none of the basics or anything in regards to process. Great video but I doubt we'll be making any purchases.

On a positive note, the video has word for word documented basically what I've learned here! This forum is one of the greatest resources I've ever found!


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We currently employ a local sales consultant to work directly with our SAs. He observes their interactions with customers, monitors phone calls and helps them hone their sales skills (ask for the order!). It was tough at first and not well received, particularly by the older hands. Some of them would "poison the well" for the younger folks, bad-mouthing the process, but that has passed and we have complete buy-in. They hear the improvement in how we sound on the phone and how we sound and appear to customers in general and it seems to give them some more pride in what they are doing.

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Many of you know that I one of things I do is work with Elite as a business coach/consultant. This may sound bias, but the Elite Masters Course is one of the most powerful sales course around. After 3 days of intense training, the course continues for six months with once a year meetings, assignments and interaction with an instructor. 


For more info:



Is there a no travel option? Lol

We're currently in a position where training needs to be online or local.



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